LED Emergency Downlights

Our energy efficient & high-quality LED downlights are designed to provide you with the wide variety of applications. Thanks to the innovative technology we develop creative emergency lighting solutions that not only help you to minimize your energy costs but also, they have lower maintenance costs as compared to conventional lighting.

LED downlights are the back-up lights that can be a redeeming quality when the electricity cuts out and all conventional lighting ceases to work.

Whether you want stylish fittings for home or industrial light fittings for your factory, LED Downlights always stays on standby.
LED Downlights are low energy luminaries and a small in size units that can be seamlessly embedded into the ceiling or can be discreetly hidden inside any home décor lighting.

LED downlights are constructed from robust aluminium and come with guaranteed warranty so you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth.

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153598 250x214 1 250x197 - 230V 3W LED Surface Emergency Downlight
£22.50 (ex VAT)

230V 3W LED Surface Emergency Downlight

Ideal for commercial and residential use, in particular – for illumination during power failure and where extra illumination is recommended

  • Ceiling mounting
  • Non-maintained

6000K, 135lm

337346 250x108 - 230V IP20 3W LED Emergency Downlight
£24.00 (ex VAT)
  • Compact energy efficient Li-ion battery
  • 6000K
  • 120lm
  • Non-maintained use only
lb13 250x94 - 230V IP20 3W LED Emergency Downlight (maintained/non-maintained) 3000K
£30.00 (ex VAT)
  • Comes with separate green LED charged indicator
  • Pre-wired battery pack for ease of installation
  • Maintained or non-maintained use options
lb14 250x110 - 230V IP20 3W LED Emergency Downlight - Self-Test
£22.97 (ex VAT)
  • 6000K
  • 120lm
  • Non-maintained use only
lb15 250x161 - 230V IP20 5W LED Emergency Downlight 6000K (non-maintained use only)
£13.99 (ex VAT)
  • Dual status LED, illuminates green whilst in charge mode and white when power is lost
  • Inverter and battery pack included
  • 120° beam angle
  • 3 hour emergency
  • Non-maintained use only
149776 250x234 - 3W LED EMERGENCY DOWNLIGHT (Non-maintained )
£21.99 (ex VAT)
  • low profile design
  • Non-maintained
  • High output LED
  • Plug & Play Inverter kit and battery pack included
  • Manual test button and LED indicator (see instructions)
  • 70-130mm cutout
£45.98 £22.99 (ex VAT)

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Finish Chrome
Nett Weight (Kg) 0.35
Wattage 3
Lumens 120 +/- 5%
Efficacy (lm/w) 40
Cut out 34mm
Dimensions Width: 42
Recess Depth: 25
CCT 6000K
LED Colour Daylight
Input voltage 230v
Construction Aluminium self-extinguishing polycarbonate
Class 2
IP rating 20
Warranty 3 years
Dimmable No
Origin of manufacture China
Quality assurance system ISO 9001
Declaration of Conformity (held on file) Yes
Manufactured in accordance with BSEN60598-1-22
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