Emergency Exit Signs

LED Emergency products are designed by keeping customer’s safety a top priority. In case of any emergency, our modern exit signs with the self-illuminating feature indicates the path to an exit by complying with the fire code. Our high-performance LED exit signs are designed to perform maintained or non-maintained operation.
LED exit signs are an enhanced version of ISO 7010 with lifetime of more than 30-years.
These exit signs have a removable metal or plastic knockouts so that arrows pointing left or right can be illuminated. LED exit signs are also combined with other safety devices for supplementary area illumination. Our exit signs are energy-efficient & flame retardant. So, they can be added onto any existing electrical circuit without adverse effects.
LED exit signs can fit neatly above the exit door and have a lower profile than traditional metal box exit signs. Our newly green, fluorescent signs can be seen better in dark conditions than other colours. Accessible exit signs assist people that are blind or have low vision to locate an exit by keeping the escape illuminated for more than 2 hours.
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