Innovation in emergency lighting products

Emergency LED lighting is designed to ensure the safe illumination of an exit route during a power outage or potential electricity cut. This can occur in many scenarios including electrical short circuits, fires and flooding. Emergency lighting is independent to the main power supply of a building and therefore can operate in the event of an electrical fire.

Many tragedies have occurred over the past two decades where emergency lighting has not been in place in public buildings, and homes. The lack of safety precautions has cost countless lives that could have been saved if the correct lighting and procedures had been in place. Just one example is an instance where an individual may be hard of hearing; fire alarm sounds could prove insufficient and therefore emergency lighting signals could aid the safe evacuation of everyone inside the building.

Although emergency lighting products seem like an additional option to add to your business, it is a legal requirement. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (2005) states that emergency routes and exits must have clear indicators, and signs. That emergency exits are required to have adequate illumination and intensity to ensure the safe exit of a non-domestic building in the failure of normal lighting.

Bri-Tek Technologies offer outstanding, high quality LED lighting products and now Emergency LED lighting products that you can trust. Being an established brand, you can place your confidence in our team of expert staff to offer the best product and services to suit your personal and business needs. Our goals are not about recognising profit, but recognising the benefits and lifesaving potential of correct emergency lighting products being installed. We want to ensure that in the event of a fire or evacuation all members of staff, family or public can exit the facility through a clear exit route, with a signed emergency exit.