The revolution of the LED Emergency Battery

If you have ever experienced a power shortage, there is nothing worse than trying to find your bearings and locate some form of light supply. Although using your mobile phone torch app seems a clever idea, finding your mobile phone would be the tricky part, not to mention if your phone battery is running low. In today’s technologically advanced society it seems unrealistic and unsafe to not have a contingency power source in case of an emergency.

A backup emergency battery pack or generator switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage or electrical cut. Using an LED emergency battery would mean that during a power cut, the lighting devices in your building would automatically switch on without the requirement of a mains energy source. Not only does this increase the safety of your building but it also ensures that exit routes and key signs are highlighted in the most unexpected circumstances.

Bri-Tek Technologies have designed and manufactured a Universal LED Emergency Battery right here in the UK which is unique to any of its predecessors. The ground-breaking product has been designed to specifically operate with LED Lighting. Universal LED Emergency Battery Backup Unit. Unlike other battery packs for LED lighting, Bri-Teks Battery Unit for Emergency lighting has an innovative design that overcomes previous design flows and operating processes of alternative emergency battery packs for LED lighting. The Emergency Battery unit is universal and does not require different batteries for various voltages of LED bulbs.

Installation of the Universal LED Emergency Battery Backup Unit is much faster and not to mention easier, with its compact size making it one third of the size of other backup battery designs, the battery pack has the capacity to function for 3 hours generating improved energy efficiency.