LED Emergency Bulkhead

LED Emergency Bulkheads are an ideal for businesses & industrial premises.
Our emergency bulkheads are designed to operate for more than 3 hours in case of emergency at workplace. LED bulkheads are suitable for wide range of applications such as emergency escape route lighting, open area(anti-panic) lighting, external lighting on final or emergency exit doors.

LED Emergency Bulkheads are low-profile & ultra-slim designs that are suitable for indoor & outdoor use ensuring secure & safe lighting in each premises.
LED Emergency Bulkheads are suitable for any exit points throughout the building.
Emergency bulkheads comes with easy installation & instant use so they can be mounted to the wall or ceiling for clear illumination in any emergency.
Our energy-efficient LED Bulkheads will reduce your overall running costs as they require an exceptionally low voltage to operate. LED bulkheads comes with a warranty & long-life durability.

LED Emergency Bulkheads will not risk your safety during times of emergency because they have environment-friendly batteries that perform as a back-up power source in case of main power shut-off.

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