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Started in 2016, LED Emergency Products has been the destination for your emergency products. At LEP, you can find everything to well-known brands. Each product item is carefully checked and delivered right to your home. We promise to ensure customers happiness and satisfactory through every process of buying.

Bri-Tek Technologies Limited is an award-winning company for innovation which has been established for over 7 years. Pushing boundaries and broadening our horizons, to create new, highly efficient products to deliver to our varied customer base.

With our combined experience in the lighting industry, our expertise within the market has enabled us to buy, sell and produce, Emergency LED lighting products. These products are part of the LED lighting industry, a field we are dedicated to developing a brighter future for. By selling Emergency LED lighting products and battery backup packs, we can offer a larger variety of products that tailor to various used needs.

Our consciousness of recent tragedies and changes in legislations for the health and safety of non-domestic buildings encourages us to provide the highest quality products, designed and manufactured right here in the UK, supporting the local and wider economy. Our new products are produced locally promising excellent standards and fuss free installations.

Bri-Tek Technologies Limited aims to inspire local and international communities showing them alternatives that LED lighting can offer to a sustainable and more economical future reducing energy waste and raising awareness of global and environmental topics, educating and providing a positive impact to our community.


Each product item is carefully checked before selling.


We ensure quality and long life spans with our products

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